At New Brighton Catholic School, we accept enrolments from Year 1 to Year 8 (5-13 years old).  Prospective new families are encouraged to make an appointment to meet with the Principal and have a tour of the school.  During this appointment, the Principal will discuss 'preference' and 'non-preference' enrolments, as well as the documentation that is required to enrol please phone the school office 033887982.

How do I get a Preference Certificate?

A ‘Preference Certificate’ is a special form signed by the School's Parish Priest or nominated persons. According to the 1975 Integration Act Catholic schools can only enrol a maximum of 5% ‘non-preference’ students.  There are very limited places available for ‘non-preference’ students, so if you are not able to meet the criteria for a preference place, you may apply to be on a ‘wait list’. To get a preference certificate you will need to make an appointment and meet with a Catholic Priest. Our Parish Priests are always happy to oblige.  Please contact the Parish Office directly to set up a time to meet with the Parish Priests: parish@christchurcheast.org.nz.

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